Busker performing John Legend song gets tip and hug from the star

Singer John Legend plays on one of the St Pancras Station pianos in London. Credit: PA

A street musician who performed a John Legend hit has been left stunned by a chance star encounter with the star himself.

Little did Radha Rao know, her rendition of All of Me on the streets of Boston was being watched by a particularly special audience member.

The 22-year-old was dazzled when a man in the crowd took off his face mask to reveal he was John Legend himself in the final moments of her performance.

A delighted crowd filmed as he tipped the singer and hugged her.

The star had been visiting Faneuil Hall with his family before his show on Sunday night in the Massachusetts capital when he spotted Radha Rao performing the hit song, The Boston Globe reported.

The Grammy Award-winning performer was impressed by the 22-year-old, but it took the young singer a moment to recognise the star.

Legend had been wearing a mask and she didn't even know he was in town for his show. When he took it off, she was aghast.

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In video captured of the encounter Ms Rao posted on Instagram, Legend can be smiling and applauding encouragingly as she finishes her performance.

“What are the odds that John Legend is in town, in the area you’re performing, as you’re singing his song? Beyond believable,” she said.

The young singer admitted to being nervous, but finished the song, a regular part of her two-hour set at Faneuil Hall, where she has been performing since August.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are already parents to Luna, Miles, and Esti. Credit: PA

“A lot of people tend to ask, ‘Did you play it because he was there?' And the answer is no," Ms Rao said.

“I was playing it, and then he happened to appear after I started the song, so it was quite a shocking experience."

Legend, 42, is married to model Chrissy Teigen, 35. The high-profile celebrity couple share two children.

The couple announced last year they had lost their third child, a son who had been stillborn.

They were praised worldwide for encouraging more open discussion about pregnancy loss as they publicly shared their grief, including photos of their son.