Storm sparks flooding in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset - GWR train services disrupted

Firefighters rescued four people from the roof of a car near Wadebridge. Credit: Wadebridge Community Fire Station

Four people had to be rescued from the roof of their car in Cornwall after attempting to drive in four feet of floodwater in Cornwall.

Heavy rain and high winds in the South West have caused flooding in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset - with hundreds of storm-related calls made to the fire service overnight.

There is also disruption on the rail network, with GWR services disrupted between Exeter and Taunton.

One of the most severe incidents overnight saw a group of four people get stuck on the roof of a car after driving down a flooded lane in St Kew, near Wadebridge.

The stricken group had to be rescued from the car's roof by firefighters from Wadebridge and Delabole, who used drysuits to wade through the water and get to the submerged car.

It was just one of a number of flood-related incidents in the West Country overnight.

Someone clings on to their trampoline after it took off in strong winds in Penryn. Credit: Kerrie Hooper / Kernow Weather Team

‘A lucky escape’

Devon and Somerset Fire Service said it received more than 300 calls regarding flooding, including one incident in Cheddar where a group of five got stuck in a cave.

The service had to pump water out of the cave in order to free those trapped inside.

“Five young adult cavers had a lucky escape after getting trapped underground at East Water Cavern in Priddy near Cheddar, due to floodwater,” a service spokesperson said.

Trains are not running between Exeter and Taunton due to flooding on the line.

“Cave rescue teams and police were already in attendance when we were requested to assist them with pumping water out of the cave system to allow for the safe extrication of the trapped cavers.”

In Falmouth, fallen trees are causing disruption for drivers, with multiple roads being partially blocked.

Fallen trees are causing roads to be blocked, such as this chestnut tree lying across Grenville Road, Falmouth.

A snapped chestnut tree in Grenville Road has caused blockages, while damage to another lime tree means workers need to temporarily shut Dracaena Avenue, a main thoroughfare, in order to cut it down.

Workers are attempting to clear roads and cut down damaged trees that pose a danger - such as on Dracaena Avenue.

Elsewhere, flooding has caused disruption to rail services between Exeter and Taunton.

A spokesperson for Great Western Railway (GWR) said: “Due to heavy rain flooding the railway between Exeter St Davids and Taunton all lines are blocked and customers advised not to travel between these two stations.

“Trains will terminate at Exeter or Taunton and are unable to operate between the two stations. Some services may be cancelled, delayed or revised. Disruption is expected to continue.”