Shirley Ballas thanks concerned viewers who spotted 'lump' under her arm as they watched Strictly

Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas
Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas.

Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas says she is seeking medical advice about a 'lump' under her arm spotted by eagle-eyed viewers.

She has thanked worried audience-members for contacting her to urge she get herself checked out following her previous health scares.

Ballas, 61, told the hit show's fans they were "beautiful, kind, caring humans" after they raised concerns about her right armpit in recent appearances on the hit BBC contest show.

She addressed viewers in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday, showing her gratitude as she confirmed she has seen a doctor and had a blood test appointment booked in.

Ballas used the experience to highlight breast cancer awareness - urging women to get themselves checked for breast cancer symptoms.

Ballas had previously had two cancer scares, telling the Mirror she had discovered a lump on her shoulder last June.

She has also spoken publicly about having a family history of breast cancer, which prompted her to get her implants removed after being warned they could block the signs being detected.

The veteran ballroom dancer wrote on Instagram: "Dear All, thank you so much for making me aware of a lump you all saw under my arm.

"I am so grateful to have so many beautiful, kind, caring humans looking out for me. I will be popping to the hospital Friday for full blood work.

"Hormones could be the reason for exhaustion, sleepless nights and a few more things going on."

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She continued: "I’m so happy I went for a check up today. Ladies let me know how your hormones are? Do you self check? Hugs to all."

The caption was accompanied by a video of Ballas discussing her check-up plans.

She said she had seen a doctor on Wednesday morning, where she got an under-arm and breast checks.

She said her doctor told her she could not feel anything, but had also thought she saw "something" when Ballas lifted her arm up on the show.

Although the 'lump' could have been cameras or lighting, the TV judge said.

But the check had yielded an important discovery - uncovering that her hormone levels were “all over the place,” Ballas said.

“So, to all the ladies out there - it’s always worth checking.”

In a previous post Shirley Ballas revealed fans had contacted her worried about a lump:

She planned to go to the hospital on Friday morning where she would get blood-work tests done.

“I’ll be having a little bit of an overhaul, as they say.

“But to all the kind ladies who reached out to me and sent those messages out of concern and love from the heart, I do love you. I love all my fans dearly and you’re super, super sweet.”

“To all the women out there; Get checked, keep checking yourself. It’s important - don’t put anything off.”