First women's Rugby World Cup trophy found in attic after going missing for 15 years

The first women's Rugby World Cup trophy has been found after it went missing for 15 years.

The women's Rugby World Cup was first played in 1991 and it was won by the United States when they beat England.

In 1994, there was a reversal of fortunes and England lifted the trophy.

The trophy went out on tour and roadshows before it went missing a few years later.

But a few weeks ago, an old administrator was clearing out a loft and among the old items, she found the box with the treasured trophy.

Gill Burns, one of the players who shared in England's victory in 1994, said she felt "very emotional to find the trophy that we were lucky enough to lift in 1994" and added that she was "absolutely delighted".

The trophy has been taken to Twickenham to be stored by the World Rugby Museum and put on display for everyone to see.