Seven-year-olds born with no hands campaign to raise money for life changing bionic arms

North of England reporter Hannah Miller meets Tommy and Lottie, both born with one hand, who are hoping to go bionic through their fundraising campaign

Two-seven-year olds from Yorkshire, who were born without hands, are campaigning to raise £25,000 target for 'hero' bionic arms that would change their lives.

Tommy and Lottie were both born with only one hand, and a bionic arm gives them control of ten fingers for the first time.

Lottie, from Huddersfield, told ITV News it was "very cool" to be able to "draw, paint my nails, open my crisp packets".

Sarah Haworth, Lottie's mum said was "emotional" to see her daughter's face "light up" when she realised she could make a hand move with, what she calls her born arm.Tommy says he would like to be able to pick up two things instead of one, so he could "tidy up a bit quicker".

Tommy's grandmother, Jane, says the new technology is "completely life changing".

"It's so much better to be bionic," she tells ITV News.

If the fundraising goes above and beyond their target, Tommy and Lottie say they'll use the extra money to support more children in the same position as them.