Kellogg’s offer workers support for menopause or pregnancy loss

Kellogg's have announced a new set of measures. Credit: PA

Kellogg’s is offering support to its staff experiencing the menopause, pregnancy loss or fertility treatment.

Measures announced by the cereal giant will include paid leave for fertility treatment and for those who suffer the loss of a pregnancy, including when it happens to them directly, to their partner or a surrogate.

Managerial staff will receive training on how to talk about the menopause and pregnancy loss.

The company, which employs 1,500 people at its UK factories situated at Trafford Park and Wrexham, and Manchester head office, said it wants to break the silence on issues often not discussed in the workplace.

Kellogg's at Trafford Park. Credit: PA

Kellogg’s said it is committed to training its managers on the menopause, to deepen understanding on the subject and to support anyone affected, with workplace adjustments, such as increased flexible working and occupational health support.

The company will give paid leave for pregnancy loss, without the need for a doctor’s note, to impacted employees including partners and those using a surrogate mother.

To support those going through fertility treatment, Kellogg’s will give employees three blocks of leave each year as well as access to a private space to administer treatment if necessary.

Sam Thomas-Berry of Kellogg’s said: “We want to offer employees increased support for those often-taboo issues like the menopause, fertility and pregnancy loss.

“Many people experience these issues, and the impact can be both physical and mental, but they aren’t discussed widely in the workplace.

“That’s why we’re launching several new workplace policies for even better equity and inclusion at Kellogg’s.

“We want to create a culture where people feel psychologically safe so we’ll encourage colleagues to be allies to others impacted by these issues.”

Kellogg's are not the first company to announce such measures; Asos also offer similar packages for those going through menopause and baby loss.

Monzo give paid leave to staff impacted by baby loss, too, and Timpson announced staff going through menopause will be able to claim for their Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) on company expenses.

The announcement comes on the day a vote was passed in parliament to make HRT cheaper and easier to access in England.

The new legislation will see women save £205 per year on the cost of treatment.

Minister for Women’s Health, Maria Caulfield said: “We have heard loud and clear from women across the country and MPs that menopause support is a key issue we as a government need to do more to address. 

“As a woman and a nurse, I am acutely aware of how challenging the symptoms of the menopause can be to live with.

"Cutting the cost of HRT – which can be a lifeline to women severely impacted by menopause - is a great stride forward, but there is more to do.

 “I look forward to further addressing the menopause as part of the Women’s Health Strategy and working with Carolyn on improving support for women across the UK.”