COP26: How coal became the climate's biggest enemy and why reducing its use could save our future

Watch the video explainer above to learn more about the push to reduce our reliance on coal.

Is there a future for a world with coal?

Coal mining was historically one of Britain's biggest and most lucrative industries.

But the decline of the 'black gold' boom here and around the world has not yet ended global dependence on the fossil fuel.

Coal remains the world's biggest source of electricity.

It's also the biggest cause of greenhouse gases and a major carbon emitter when burnt.

World leaders meeting in Glasgow at the COP26 climate summit are discussing how to stop the planet's average temperature from rising over 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.

The UK is among countries that have already committed to ending the use of coal-fired power stations.

China - the world's biggest user of coal - is stopping financing coal production internationally.

But it is still building coal-fired power stations for its own energy supply.

So, will China and other major coal consuming nations at COP26 this week join the UK's drive to reduce their reliance on coal?