Revealed: The £9.2 million MPs earn from jobs outside of Parliament

MPs have come under fire for having second jobs. Credit: PA
  • Report by ITV News Story Producer Iram Sarwar

MPs have come under scrutiny for having second jobs in the past week, after Conservative MP Owen Paterson was found to have broken the government's lobbying rules.

Mr Paterson resigned last Thursday amid allegations of Tory sleaze following a government U-turn on changes to the Commons' Standard System. Since it's been revealed that some MPs earn almost £900,000 in addition to their salaries.

Analysis carried out by ITV News has shown that MPs across the political spectrum have declared almost £9.2 million on the Register of Members' Financial Interests as of November 1.

The vast majority of that money is attributed to Conservative MPs - who have earned more than £8 million, with the remainder split between Labour, Lib Dems, SNP and other parties. 

MPs are allowed to have jobs as long as they're not a minister. Earnings are properly declared, and they aren’t paid in exchange for advancing a particular issue in Parliament.

More than 250 MPs have received extra earnings on top of their £82,000 taxpayers' salary.

Many of those extra earnings include undertaking surveys, media appearances, working alongside local councils or picking up extra shifts in the NHS. 

However, the current debate is about those MPs who earn large sums of money as consultants, advisers and directors of companies. 

A total of 60 MPs currently undertake those types of roles, bringing in hundreds of thousands pounds extra every year. So who are some of the top earners?

Sir Geoffrey Cox - £900,000 +

The MP for Torridge and West Devon earns the most away from his role in Westminster as a lawyer. 

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox. Credit: PA

Sir Geoffrey has declared working as barrister and receives £400,000 annually for work as a "consultant global counsel" for "up to 41 hours a month" for the legal firm Withers LLP -  an international law firm appointed by the British Virgin Islands government.

He has also come under fire for casting some parliament votes by proxy from the British virgin islands and for allegedly breaking the rules by using his parliamentary office for private work.

Earlier on Wednesday Sir Geoffrey defended his decision to work with the islands and said he would co-operate with any investigation into his conduct. Theresa May - £800,000 + 

The former Prime Minister receives payments for speaking engagements via the prestigious Washington Speakers Bureau, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Some of those events included £160,000 from JP Morgan Chase for two speaking events which were cancelled, £46,800 for a virtual speaking event in Ohio and £39,900 for a two hour speech for TPG Communications. 

Fiona Bruce - £300,000 + 

The Conservative Congleton MP has declared more than £300,000 for legal work. 

The largest payments on Ms Bruce's declaration as listed as "to meet tax liability".

Fiona Bruce MP Credit: PA

However, the practising lawyer has also registered £35,000 in total this year via her own firm, Fiona Bruce and Co LLP.

Tim Loughton - £300,000 +

The MP for East Worthing and Shoreham has declared more than £300,000 since 2013, earning £37,000 a year for 144 hours of work as an adviser to the board of the Outcomes First Group - a care service for vulnerable young people.

Tim Loughton MP Credit: PA

It works out to £256.95 per hour.

That's on top of earnings for training sessions and media articles. 

John Redwood  - £250,000 +

Since 2013, the Conservative MP for Wokingham earns £48,222 a quarter - or £192,888 a year - for 50 hours a month as Chairman of Investment Committee of Charles Stanley - a wealth management service group.

John Redwood MP Credit: PA

That's in addition to receiving £5,000 a year for 12 hours work as a member of the advisory board of Epic Private Equity - an hourly rate of £416.66.

Any second income MPs get and declare is published on the Register of Members' Financial Interests.