Jordan's Queen Rania calls for 'global collaboration' on climate crisis

Queen Rania spoke to ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship about the climate crisis

Jordan's Queen Rania has called on "global collaboration" to make a real difference in the climate crisis, as she greeted The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall on their first Royal Tour in two years.

Charles and Camilla arrived in the country on Tuesday and will also tour Egypt over the next four days.

Speaking to ITV News' Royal Editor Chris Ship, Queen Rania hailed Charles as a "leading figure" in the fight against climate change, and also discussed the health of the Queen after her majesty was forced to miss Sunday's remembrance service due to a sprained back.

On the impact of climate change, Queen Rania said: "The prognosis here in the Middle East is quite dire... here in Jordan we're considered the second most water scare country in the world and dwindling rainfall still hits us where it hurts.

"A country like Jordan, our carbon footprint is quite small. If we really want to make a difference in the world we have to do it through global collaboration and shared commitments."

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Her comments come days after world leaders at COP26 agreed a new climate deal, but one which has been accused of having "watered down" wording regarding the use of coal.

Praising the role of the British royals in campaigning on the environment, Queen Rania described Prince Charles as "a leading figure in the fight for our planet" and somebody who has "been speaking about this issue for so long".

"Equally Prince William is just as passionate and it's been a real pleasure for me to work on the Earthshot Prize," she added.

'Hopefully she'll have many years ahead of her'

Asked about Queen Elizabeth II, following her recent spate of rest due to medical advice, Queen Rania said: "We're always concerned for her health, but she's a strong woman and even at this age is very active.

"We can all just hope to be as active as she is at that age, so you know our best wishes are always with her and hopefully she'll have many years ahead of her".

The Jordanian royal described the 95-year-old as "somebody we hold in really high regard" and "somebody I look up to personally," adding the Queen gives "inspiration" to the rest of the world.

'Every woman and child should have a happy and safe space at home'

Queen Rania also spoke about the opening of a women's centre to help support victims of child abuse and women who have faced violence.

She said: "Two decades ago when the child safety programme was first launched, the issue of child abuse and violence against women was very much a taboo issue both here in Jordan and across the region."

She described how staff at the centre help "strengthen the family unit and foster a culture of child safety" for those in the programme.

The Duchess of Cornwall during a visit to the Queen Rania Family and Children Centre in Amman, Jordan. Credit: PA

Speaking from a community centre, Rania said such spaces provide a "safe space... for survivors who need further support".

"Every woman and child should have a happy and safe space at home."