Alec Baldwin played 'Russian roulette' with gun on filmset by not checking it first

Mamie Mitchell and Alec Baldwin Credit: AP

Alec Baldwin has been accused of playing "Russian roulette" with the gun that killed Halyna Hutchins in a new lawsuit brought against him by a crew member.

The Hollywood star was filming on the set of Rust when he fired a gun he had been told was not armed that killed Cinematographer Hutchins and wounded Director Joel Souza.

Script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell has filed a lawsuit against Baldwin and the rest of the film's producers claiming basic safety protocols were not followed.

She said she "will never forget" the day her new friend Hutchins died.

Mitchell was the first person to call 911 about the incident and this is the first time she has spoken publicly about it.

Mamie Mitchell and her lawyer Gloria Allred Credit: AP

Mitchell's lawyer Gloria Allred said at a press conference Baldwin should not have relied on the phrase "cold gun" to assume the weapon he had been handed was unarmed.

She said, "in our opinion, Mr Baldwin chose to play Russian roulette" when he fired the gun without checking it first.

Allred said there was no full rehearsal going on when the gun was discharged, noting there was nothing written on the slate at the time.

She went on and said: "Even if they were filming the scene, in that scene, there was no script that called for him to discharge a gun and that is very important.""That gun should not have been discharged."

Filming on the set of Rust has been suspended Credit: AP

Allred said they were seeking compensation from the film's producers.

Recounting her memory of the events, a tearful Mitchell said she remembered hearing a loud bang before turning around and seeing Souza had been injured.

Soon after she saw Hutchins collapse leading her to run outside and call the police.

The shooting has shocked Hollywood and led to a shift away from using any real guns while on set on other films.

The head of lighting for Rust, Serge Svetnoy, has filed a similar lawsuit Credit: AP

Police are still investigating the incident but no one has yet been charged.

Baldwin has said he will fully cooperate with the authorities.

The head of lighting on the film, Serge Svetnoy, filed a separate lawsuit similar to Michell's last week.

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