Insulate Britain supporter breaks down in tears in debate about climate campaigners' tactics

"It's very hard to talk about it without crying"

An Insulate Britain supporter wept on ITV's Good Morning Britain as he gave his backing to the group in trying to tackle the "greatest crisis that we've ever faced".

"It's very hard to talk about it without crying because it's the end of everything," journalist George Monbiot said of the climate crisis.

In a debate on whether the protest group (which caused chaos on the country's road due to blockades over the past few months) should be praised as modern suffragettes, Mr Monbiot said: "There's no question that they're breaking the law and they're expecting to be punished for breaking the law".

He added, however, the group was "desperately" trying to raise attention to the issue.

"It's the end of our hopes, our dreams, our ambitions, our loves, our hates, everything we've dreamt of for our children," he said.

What needs to change for people to take the climate crisis as seriously as Insulate Britain do?

Nine supporters of the group were jailed at the High Court in London on Wednesday after they admitted breaching an injunction by taking part in a blockade at junction 25 of the motorway during the morning rush hour on October 8.

One of those jailed, Emma Smart, has now gone on hunger strike over what she said she believes is “morally right, if legally wrong”.

Quizzed by GMB host Susanna Reid on "what needs to change" to get the general public to back Insulate Britain, rather than seeing the group as a nuisance, Mr Monbiot broke down as he spoke of his family.

"I have two children and every day I think 'did I do the right thing?'".

The journalist held his head in his hands as the debate continued over the drastic action of climate crisis protest groups like Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion.