Cup of coffee to cost £9 by 2050 and lunch for family of four will hit £100 as inflation rates soar

A latte, which currently costs around £3.32, could shoot up to £8.49 by 2050. Credit: PA

A cup of coffee could set you back as much as £9 by 2050, according to new estimates, and a family of four might have to fork out £100 for a typical lunch.

Research carried out by Coffee Friend, a coffee retailer, compared the average rate of inflation over the past 29 years with the current prices at some of the UK's most popular high street coffee shops.

It found that a latte, for example, which currently costs around £3.32 could shoot up to £8.49, while a standard cup of tea - which would set you back £1.95 at the moment - will likely be just short of £5.

If you were after a bite to eat at the same time, you'll have to save up an average £6.48 extra for each trip, as cakes will cost around £6 and paninis double that at £12.

The team behind the research calculated that, for a family of four (two adults and two children), a typical lunch consisting of drinks, a sandwich and cake could easily cross the £100 mark.

Meanwhile, a business meeting for six people - combining Americanos and paninis - would create a bill of £115.