Nine-year-old boy creates app to help his brother with autism

Sean Porter made an app for non-verbal children and those with autism like his brother to help them communicate, ITV News Northern Reporter Sangita Lal reports

Six-year-old Adam Porter was unable to ask for some of the simplest requests after being diagnosed with autism at two-years-old.

He had always struggled to speak, until now.

Using an app developed by his nine-year-old brother Sean, Adam now can communicate by just tapping a picture.

Sean Porter created the app for his younger brother.

Sean was originally asked to create a game for a school project but he went one step further, by wanting to help the person who means most to him.

He said: "I knew that if I didn't develop this app, then I don't know anyone who would think of it.

"It feels absolutely amazing, I feel wonderful."

Adam was diagnosed with autism when he was two.

"People generally don't think about other people. They think "if I make this amazing invention I am going to be epic and famous and have loads of money."

"But they don't focus on anyone else and how it affects them."

It's estimated that 40% of children with autism are non-speaking, meaning that they may never learn to speak more than a few words.

Liam Porter says the app has allowed Adam to develop faster.

Adam's father Liam is hoping this app might help change that statistic.

Liam Porter said: "Him asking for food, telling us he was hurt, asking to go to the toilet, it was basically guess work.

"This app has opened up more choice for Adam after we created the app he has asked for more things and is developing faster."