Beverley Knight and Tina Treadwell on bringing The Drifters to the West End

Tina Treadwell sitting next to Beverley Knight
Credit: ITV News

This is Unscripted - a podcast brought to you by ITV News Arts Editor Nina Nannar. In each episode, Nina speaks to a leading name from the world of arts and entertainment.

On Unscripted this week, Nina is joined by legendary soul singer Beverley Knight and Tina Treadwell to discuss their new West End show ‘The Drifters Girl’.

The pair have brought the remarkable story of '60s group ‘The Drifters’ to stage with Beverley taking on the role of iconic manager Faye Treadwell.

Faye Treadwell is considered the first ever female African American music manager and bravely fought for her place in the industry. She also paved the way for many women like her daughter Tina.

They discuss what it was like to be a Black woman executive during that time, getting back on stage after lockdown and the power of the group’s timeless songs.

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