Growing disruption for childcare services due to staff shortages and underfunding

Childcare providers explain the impact staff shortages are having on their services, as ITV News Wales and West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports

Staff shortages, underfunding and low pay are causing growing disruption to childcare services in England, suggests research shared exclusively with ITV News.

The Early Years Alliance survey found that 84% of childcare providers had difficulty recruiting staff.

Almost two thirds of providers reported staff having resigned in the past six months, while more than half of those considering leaving blamed their reasons on "poor pay".

This has forced almost half of childcare providers to limit numbers, or stop taking on new children - leaving children and their parents vulnerable.

Campaigners have called for the government to respond to the growing crisis by creating a salary structure similar to that for teachers.

The government said it has not seen any councils reporting supply issues and are increasing hourly rates to childcare providers. But those on the ground disagree.