Storm Arwen: Residents in Northumberland feel 'deserted' as they endure 10th day without power

ITV News Correspondent Sangita Lal speaks to residents in Northumberland worse hit by Storm Arwen

Residents in the North East of England say they feel "deserted" as they endured a tenth day without power since Storm Arwen.

In the worst affected area, 700 homes are still without electricity. One of the residents affected was 84-year-old Barry who has not left him home since before the storm hit on the night of 26 November.

He was confined to the only room in the house with a fire and forced to wear gloves inside. The cold exacerbated his arthritis and he can now barely walk.

Parts of the roof on Sheila Trafford's house blew off during Storm Arwen. Credit: ITV News

During the storm, gale force winds ripped parts of the roof off and brought down the electricity cables.

Now there are fears more disruption is on the way with Storm Barra, which is due to arrive on Tuesday, bringing winds of up to 70 miles per hour for some coastal areas.

"I feel as if we've been deserted here because no one has been to look at this yet," Sheila Trafford tells ITV News.

"Ten days; it's as if we don't exist here."

Power was finally restored to their home late on Monday, but 700 homes remain without electricity.

Contractors say they are working non stop to help everyone they can before worse weather heads in but it is likely to slow down efforts to get people reconnected. Thousands of homes have now been reconnected but there are still miles of cables yet to be fixed - the question is whether that can happen before storm Barra hits and if not - how long people may have to go without electricity. As contractors brace for more freezing temperatures, all anyone hopes is the worst has already passed as thousands face another night without power. 

Thousands of people have been without power for more than a week following Storm Arwen Credit: Jane Barlow/PA