'They should be all sacked': Leicester residents voice anger at government amid No10 party scandal

'Unless you want some swearing on camera, I suggest you move the mic away': ITV News Correspondent Geraint Vincent reports on the anger in Leicester in wake of No10 party allegations

Anger seethes between the stalls at Leicester market.

This is a city which was locked down more than most. High infection rates here meant that when restrictions were eased in the rest of the UK, Leicester stayed locked down, its businesses shut.

So the suggestion that in Downing Street, rules weren’t being followed, or suffering was being made light of, meets with predictable results.

"They should all be sacked", shouted one trader. I asked another what he’d say to the PM if he was here. "I’d tell him he’s a liar", he replied.

There are other reasons, of course, for people’s anger. Tragic ones.

I was surprised in the few hours I spent talking to people in Leicester at how many of them were grieving a personal loss made so much worse by the harsh lockdown restrictions.

One man told me a horribly familiar story of having to say goodbye to his elderly mother through a care home window. It was a story told with added bitterness today.

Most of the people I spoke to in the city centre were wearing face masks.

They have borne a heavy burden through this pandemic and they know they might not have finished yet.

And yet when I asked them how they would feel about obeying a new set of government-issued rules, most paused for thought.

There was an obvious reluctance not to be taken for a fool. In the relationship between government and governed here, it felt like something had changed.