Downing Street Christmas party row dominates Thursday's papers as PM switches to Plan B

British newspapers focused on Thursday on the continued fallout from the alleged multiple Christmas parties held by the Conservative Party. Credit: The Sun/The Mirror/Twitter

Mounting scrutiny of Boris Johnson over Christmas parties allegedly held last December in Westminster dominate the front pages.

There's mention too of the new Plan B Covid rules being brought in.

The Sun mocks up the Prime Minister as the Grinch beneath the headline “Do As I Say.. Not As I Christmas Do”.

The Metro also leads with an image of Mr Johnson as it reports the PM is under growing pressure to resign after Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer accused him of taking the public “for fools”.

The Daily Star simply refers to the PM as “Captain Cock-up”, writing: "It was everybody else, in the No 10 drawing room, with wine and nibbles...".

The Guardian reported on the Prime Minister bringing forward new national pandemic restrictions as his party’s scandal “engulfs” No 10.

But the Daily Mail says the PM has been accused of fast-tracking the fresh curbs to distract from the scandal, leading with the headline: "One rule for them, new rules for the rest of us".

The Financial Times also leads on Boris Jonhson's 'plan B' and the Conservative Christmas parties that they say have caused anger to "fester".

The Daily Mirror splashes the headline: "Plan B for us.. Plan 'lie, lie, lie' for him", while reporting Mr Johnson has refused to answer questions about two other parties allegedly held in contravention of pandemic rules.

Daily Express also leads on the new Covid restrictions, quoting the Prime Minister as saying the new plan B Covid measures should help people enjoy a “close to normal” Christmas.

The Independent explained some of the new rules brought in to tackle the Omicron Covid variant as including a return to working from home, Covid passes and more masks in cinemas and theatres.

The Times does the same, adding that one million people could be infected with the Omicron coronavirus variant in the next month.

The Daily Telegraph covers an “immediate backlash” to the “irrational” new curbs, with the paper noting their apparent inconsistency via the headline: “Don’t go to work, but do go to parties”.

The i splashed the headline: "PM's 24-hour U-turn on Covid Plan B' while reporting that  health experts have offered reassurances that boosters will hold off Omicron.