Is Wales about to tighten Covid restrictions?

As Mark Drakeford announced plans to speed up the booster rollout, ITV News Wales Correspondent Rupert Evelyn draws attention to the First Minster's final words of the speech

As Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford sets out his plan to speed-up the vaccine booster offering tonight, it’s perhaps the last few words of his speech that the public should give added attention to. 

“We are likely to need to take more steps to keep Wales safe,” is a non-binding statement and also a warning.

With the Welsh government due to review restrictions later this week, it sounds like the First Minister is preparing the ground for what is to come.

No decisions have been made, but there is ominous talk of household bubbles and other restrictive measures being placed on the public to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant.

Throughout the pandemic, the Welsh Government have sold their decision making as being “cautious.”

It’s an approach that has broadly worked and facing a wave of new cases is likely to be relied upon again.