Baltic Sea: Two reported missing after cargo ships collide off Sweden's coast

Scot Carrier. Credit: Vessel Finder

A major rescue operation is under way after two cargo ships collided in the Baltic Sea off the Swedish coast, according to reports.

At least two people are believed to be in the water after the incident occurred in the early hours of Monday between the Danish island of Bornholm and the southern Swedish city of Ystad, the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) said.

Officials said the overturned Denmark-registered ship, the Karin Hoej, was upside down as it had capsized, with the cause of the collision remaining unclear.

The vessel, which was not loaded, was reportedly travelling from Sodertalje in Sweden to Nykobing Falster in southern Denmark with two people on board.

A rescue boat navigates by the capsized Danish cargo ship, right, after it collided with the Scot Carrier in the Baltic Sea. Credit: AP

The other vessel involved in the incident has been named as the UK-registered Scot Carrier, which has been reported as being functional, with its crew members safe.

A SMA spokesperson told ITV News that the Scot Carrier heard screams in the water as they searched the area but they didn't find anyone. There is speculation the incident could have been due to poor visibility caused by fog.

"We have not found anyone yet. But we have requested diving resources... it is dark and very cold," Jonas Franzen, told Swedish broadcaster STV.

A helicopter and eight boats have joined in with the search and rescue efforts.

The Scot Carrier is seen at left after it collided with a Danish cargo ship Karin Hoej. Credit: AP

It is not currently clear what the nationalities of the two missing people are.

The Swedish Coast Guard confirmed that it was carrying out an environmental rescue operation “to prevent oil or other harmful substances from being released into the sea” but said there “currently” were no ongoing oil spills.