Kentucky tornadoes: Two-month-old baby becomes youngest victim of deadly storm

Oaklynn Charleigh Koon Credit: Douglas and Jackie Koon/Facebook

A two-month-old baby has become the youngest victim of the Kentucky tornadoes after she died from her injuries sustained in the storm, her family has said.

Oaklynn Charleigh Koon died on Monday after a tornado hit her house over the weekend.

Her parents Douglas and Jackie, their three children and Jackie's mother, tried to take cover in their bathroom in Dawson Springs as the tornado approached.

But the tornado hit the house directly, tossing the bathtub in the air that was shielding two of Douglas and Jackie's sons.

They decided to put their two month baby daughter Oaklynn in a car seat to protect her and she seemed to be okay on Saturday after the storms.

However by Sunday, Oaklynn began to have seizures and doctors found a bleed on her brain.

She is believed to have had a stroke.

Writing in a Facebook post on Sunday, Oaklynn's father Douglas said: "It’s not looking good guys at all. The machines are keeping her alive.

"Her head swelled really bad. She doesn’t have activity. So now where [sic] going to have to make a decision.

"I can’t believe I’m writing this write now and I know I haven’t got back to everyone. I’ve gotten so much love for my family.

"Donations, prayers, call, texts. We love you guys. It really does take a village.

"Wish I was saying better news and I really thought this was by far of what the outcome was going to be.

"I’m in shock, my heart feels absolutely shattered. We love you Oakie."

Early Monday morning, the family posted that Oaklynn had died. In a text message to The Associated Press on Monday, Koon said he was struggling “to process everything that I’m going through.”

Oaklynn’s brother Dallas was also taken to hospital. He was treated and discharged on Sunday. A family member has set up a donation page for the Koon family and Douglas' mother-in-law, Sheila Rose, who lost her home.

Kentucky's governor says at least 74 people were killed in the state during the devastating cluster of tornadoes.

A woman stands at the remains of her home after a tornado in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. Credit: AP

At least 14 people are dead in four other states: Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri. As searches continue for those still missing, efforts are also turning to repairing the power grid, sheltering those whose homes were destroyed and delivering drinking water and other supplies.

Kentucky officials have warned that residents could be without heat, water or electricity in frigid temperatures for weeks or longer.