Class of Covid: The young people facing more uncertainty at the end of another year

ITV News Correspondent John Ray catches up with our Class of Covid, speaking this time to Nairn, Lucia, Aaisha, and Thyra

As the number of daily reported Covid cases in the UK reached new records this week, ITV News has spoken once again to our Class of Covid.

Throughout this year we've been following the lives of 12 young people aged between five and 26.

Their lives and futures have been turned upside down during the pandemic and once again they face an uncertain new year.

We spoke to Lucia. In April, she spoke about her grief after the death of her beloved "Pops" Neil Robertson. He died of Covid in Spring 2020, aged just 62.

Lucia told us about their final goodbye: "On my iPad, I text him to say how are you," she said. "He said he was OK. That was the last text he ever sent me."

Speaking to us in December 2021, she's making the most of everyday and has thrown herself into rehearsals for her local pantomime.

All the time, however, she's remembering her grandfather. "At Christmas, sometimes we leave a spot for him," she says.

Nairn has had a huge weight on his shoulder during lockdown but enjoyed "giving back" to his community.

We first spoke to graduate Nairn in March 2021, when he told us: "The last 12 months still don’t really feel real".

At 26-years-old, he was unable to find work and said the only bright side of Covid was being able to spend more time with family and volunteering.

Speaking to us again now, in December 2021, he's still out of a job - but has found himself a more valuable role.

The pandemic led to depression and panic attacks, he was saved he says, by volunteering for local charities - but it was never the career he had in mind.