Sutton house fire: Father of four boys who died says 'their presents are still under Christmas tree'

ITV News Correspondent Sejal Karia speaks to the father of the two sets of "perfect" twin brothers who died ten days before Christmas

The father of four “lovely” boys who died in a house fire in south London says their Christmas presents are still sat under the tree.

Dalton Hoath had bought his pair of superhero-loving twins - Kyson and Bryson, aged four, and Leyton and Logan, aged three – toys of their favourite characters along with trainers and clothes.

The outpouring of love and support has been “overwhelming”, Mr Hoath told ITV News, and his family will be releasing balloons in their memory on Thursday night – exactly one week on from their deaths.

And with Christmas just two days away, he said he “just wants to call it December 25”, adding that, hopefully, next year will be better.

'I’ve got Christmas presents sat under the tree for them': Father Dalton Hoath says he will donate the gifts that were meant for his four boys

“I’ve got Christmas presents sat under the tree for them but where they’re not going to enjoy them I feel like I should donate them maybe to a hospital or a charity, so that some children somewhere will get to use them and that will make my sons proud,” he said.

“I bought them little trainers and clothes, I got them some superhero figures, there’s so much I couldn’t even name a list.

“But I just feel it would be better if I gave them to someone who can enjoy them.”

He said he isn’t sure if will ever sink in for him and that he feels he can still hear them saying “daddy I love you” – which they would say even for small things like a packet of crisps.

Flowers and toys have been left near the scene. Credit: PA

Flowers, balloons, teddy bears and other tributes have been left near the mid-terrace house on Collingwood Road over the past week and Mr Hoath wanted to thank the community for their support.

He said: “I would like to start by thanking everybody who has reached out to send me and my family their love and support, it’s been overwhelming.

“Also to all the emergency services that battled relentlessly to try and rescue my sons, we will forever be grateful for you.

“My sons were loving, kind, caring unique boys and didn’t deserve to be involved in such a tragic accident that nobody could have expected.

Two sets of twins - Kyson, Bryson, Leyton and Logan, aged four and three - holding hands Credit: Facebook/Jason Hoath

“They would talk about becoming builders, plumbers, and a chef because all they wanted to as things to help others.

“They loved learning and would tell me about all the great things they did at school. They loved running through the water fountain in the town centre, just smiling, singing, dancing and enjoying life.

“They will forever be the biggest part of my heart and carry us through in these hard times. Tonight we will be releasing balloons as a mark of respect of remembering my boys.

“Daddy loves you forever.”

'They loved running through the water fountain... just smiling, singing, dancing and enjoying life'

Mr Hoath told ITV News his boys were “lovely” and “full of energy”.

“They used to run around and play, they were always holding each other’s hands and support each other, they used to enjoy life so much,” he added. “They were just perfect to be honest.”

Bryson, the oldest of the four, had a “cute little birthmark” on his cheek and was “such a bright boy.”

His twin, Kyson, was “shy” but at the same time “so outgoing”.

The youngest twins were “more boisterous”, Mr Hoath said, and used to playfight with each other, often with toy swords and nerf guns.

But what they all had in common was a love of superheroes.

“That’s the one things they shared together, they used to love dressing up, playing with each other and just pretending to be all these different superheroes, it was just lovely,” he said.

'They were just perfect': Dalton Hoath pays tribute to each of his sons

A 27-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of child neglect on Thursday night. She has since been bailed to return to a south London police station in mid-January.

Looking back to a week ago, Mr Hoath said his heart “sank” when he was first told of the fire.

“At the initial instant I was frantic, I called my father and I just got him to come and get me and drive straight away to where it was and we just waited patiently watching all these firefighters fight relentlessly to try and save our sons,” he said.

“I still feel that pain today I’m just slowly coping with it better because I know my sons wouldn’t want to see me hurting.

“They’d want to see me enjoying all these wonderful things we’re doing to celebrate my sons.”

People have left tributes near the scene. Credit: PA

Asked what he would say if he could speak to them now, he said: “I’d just like to tell them that I’m sorry that they’re not here with us anymore, but that I love them and I’ll never stop loving them.

“And they will always be in my heart and I’m just happy they have each other to hold and they’re not alone.”