The moment Ghislaine Maxwell's guilty verdict is delivered

By Good Morning Britain's North America Correspondent Noel Phillips

For six days they waited to learn their sister's fate.

It was an extraordinary moment. One of devastation for Ghislaine Maxwell's siblings - Kevin, Christine, Isabel and Ian - and one of mixed emotions for her accusers.

We saw first-hand the tension just moments before the Maxwell's rushed to the courtroom to hear the outcome of their sister's high profile sex-trafficking trial.

The verdict is not what they were expecting.

Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of five of the six charges against her.

For the entire trial, which lasted 18 days, Isabel, Christine and Kevin have supported their sister - who prosecutors said was a "sexual predator" - who manipulated underage girls before delivering them to the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell's attorneys had claimed she was being used as a scapegoat for Epstein who killed himself in 2019 in a New York jail cell while awaiting trial on sex abuse charges.