Carers on frontline of Covid feel 'laughed at' after latest Downing Street party scandal

'It breaks my heart' says care home worker on the latest Downing Street party revelations

Care home workers have recalled watching their residents and relatives die from Covid in May 2020, when Downing Street staff were being invited to a drinks party in the garden of Number 10.

An email obtained by ITV News shows more than 100 staff were invited the event during the nationwide lockdown - a revelation staff at a care home in Mansfield called "horrendous" and "a joke".

There have now been calls the Boris Johnson to resign if he's found to have attended the party. Downing Street has told ITV News it will not comment on the leaked email due to the Sue Gray inquiry into a series of other events alleged to have been held.

Carer Helen Caupe was reduced to tears on a day, during the lockdown, when deaths in the home were particularly high: "I thought I can't do this anymore. It was so sad but we had to get on with it for the sake of these people here.

"And [the partygoers] just did want they wanted, didn't they? It's a joke, what they've done to us."

Colleague Jo York added: "They were laughing at us while we were breaking, our families were breaking, this home was breaking.

"It's horrendous, they should be ashamed of themselves."

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As well as grieving for residents, some carers were weathering losses in their personal lives.

Claire Bingham recalled watching her grandma gradually dying "through a window".

"That breaks my heart... and having to see these residents have their family hardly able to come in, it just really riles me."

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Public figures and politicians have also voiced their anger at the party, with Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross saying Boris Johnson must resign as prime minister if he's found to have attended the gathering.

The prime minister has repeatedly denied he attended any parties during numerous lockdowns, however ITV News understands he was present at a gathering held on May 20 2020.

The PM has not given a direct response to the latest allegations and avoided an appearance in the House of Commons on Tuesday after Labour asked him an Urgent Question.

To the fury of MPs, he instead sent a minister to respond on his behalf.