Jeremy Irons and Robert Harris on Neville Chamberlain's legacy and pulling down statues

Watch Nina's interview with the pair above - along with some sneak peaks at the film

This is Unscripted - a podcast brought to you by ITV News Arts Editor Nina Nannar. In each episode, Nina speaks to a leading name from the world of arts and entertainment.

On Unscripted this week, Nina is joined by best selling novelist Robert Harris and Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons.

We talk the pair's new film, Munich - The Edge of War, based on Harris' novel about Neville Chamberlain (played by Irons) the Prime Minister who went down in history as being fooled by Hitler.

The three discuss how far re-examining history needs to go - should we be pulling down statues of problematic figures?

And why Irons was born to play the role of Chamberlain.

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