'There's nothing else I can do': Desperate father offers to sell daughter in Afghanistan

This video contains distressing images

ITV News Correspondent John Ray spoke to a man willing to sell his daughter for money as he felt unable to look after her anymore

A former school teacher in Afghanistan, who owes money to debt collectors, offered to sell his daughter in exchange for money.

Sahib Khan said he is no longer able to care for his daughter and she would be better off in other hands.

"The Taliban say we have peace, but what good is peace when our children are sick and I have debt collectors at my door," he said.

"There is nothing else I can do. I am not able to care for her."

His comments come as nine million Afghans are on the brink of famine, as the onset of a harsh winter exposes the tragedy of the families left destitute in the wake of the Taliban takeover and withdrawal of Western support.

The UN World Food Programme warned that across the country only 2% of the population have enough food to eat, with more than half of children under five at risk from acute malnutrition.

Scores of children have ended up in camps, away from their families and separated from their places of birth.