Sue Gray report: What is causing the delay and when will it be published?

Sue Gray's partygate inquiry is understood to be 'ongoing', despite reports it was complete on Tuesday, leaving Boris Johnson's future as prime minister hanging in the balance.

The investigation into Covid-rule-breaking on Downing Street has suffered delay after delay - the latest being a police request that findings of potential criminality are omitted from the report.

Backbench Tories are waiting to read the report before they decide whether the prime minister should be removed over his involvement in partygate.

But the police intervention makes it "hard to see" how Ms Gray could publish "anything meaningful" before the police have concluded their inquiries, ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston said - meaning it could be weeks before it is finally revealed.

So what exactly is going on?

Deputy Political Editor Anushka Asthana, who has spoken to sources in Whitehall, has the following explanation of what is happening with Ms Gray's report:

When Whitehall sources say Sue Gray is continuing with the report - what they mean is that they are now grappling with how to handle the Met police demands for minimal references to the eight events referred to them.

The report has been written in full and Ms Gray has three options:

  • 1 Ignore the Met Police - Anushka has been told there is no chance of that.

  • 2 Send the prime minister a redacted version of the report that takes out the details of potential criminality at those events - a move which seems unsatisfactory.

  • 3 Hold off entirely and wait for the police investigation to conclude before publishing in full.

The only way in which it would be in anyway possible to send a redacted version with details of most serious events removed is surely that Sue Gray’s conclusions linked to those events are still there in full.