Christopher Steele on Putin's Ukraine aims and what Russia may be planning next

ITV News at Ten Presenter Tom Bradby sits down with Christopher Steele

Keen observers of international politics may well remember the name Christopher Steele.

He was the former secret intelligence service officer and Moscow specialist who wrote the famous – or infamous, depending on your point of view – Trump dossier that ended up alerting the world to the possibility of Russian interference in the election that Mr Trump was to win in 2016.

Since then, Mr Steele has consistently warned of the dangers Vladimir Putin poses to Western democracies and of the Kremlin’s determination to continue to foster division between and within the members of NATO.

Tonight, he gave me an insight into two things.

First, just exactly what is Putin’s strategic thinking in relation to Ukraine, where he has more than 100,000 troops currently massed on the border.

Is Russia thinking about further attempts to undermine Western democracies?

Is he really likely to invade? 

And second on how he believes the Russians are thinking about further attempts to undermine Western democracies.