Drunk truck driver rams cars in Germany causing 31-vehicle smash and house to catch fire

The truck driver ignored a red light and ploughed into several parked cars, causing them to catch fire. Credit: AP

A drunk driver rammed his vehicle into parked cars after ignoring a red light in southern Germany, pushing vehicles up against buildings, causing some of them, and a house to catch fire, police said.

Three people were slightly injured and 31 vehicles damaged in the incident in Fuerth, just outside Nuremberg, on Tuesday evening.

The truck driver first skipped a red light, touching a car that was at a crossroads in the process, and carried on without stopping, according to a police statement.

31 vehicles were damaged in the incident just outside Nuremberg in Fuerth on Tuesday evening. Credit: AP

Shortly afterwards, the truck rammed several parked cars and pushed them forward, some of them into the walls of buildings.

The collisions caused several cars, the facade of a house and the truck itself to catch fire. The house was evacuated.

The driver, a 50-year-old Turkish citizen with no permanent residence in Germany, was arrested at the scene, police said. An alcohol breath test showed he was several times above the limit for driving, they added.

The truck driver, the driver of the car he touched at the red light and a passer-by were slightly injured.