Anger as five female ski jumpers barred from Winter Olympics event over 'baggy' outfits

Katharina Althaus was disqualified after judges deemed her suit was too loose. Credit: AP

The International Ski Federation has come under fire after five female ski jumpers at the Winter Olympics were disqualified because their outfits were deemed to be "too baggy".

The women, representing Austria, Japan, Norway and Germany, were barred from the mixed team event as judges ruled their clothing was too loose and could have given them an advantage while in the air.

Each team at the Beijing games was made up of two women and two men - all five of those disqualified were female.

Although she was disqualified from the mixed event. Katharina Althaus managed to take home silver in a separate competition. Credit: AP

Germany’s Katharina Althaus, one of the disqualified athletes, said the event was "one of the most important for us women" and that "our sport was damaged" as a result of the judges decision.

"In 11 years I've never been disqualified," she wrote in a passionate Instagram post.

"I am so disappointed and angry. We really gave everything to be here and all showed our best jumps. I'm devastated and can't understand it."

Slovenia ended up winning gold for the mixed ski jumping event. Credit: PA

Fellow German ski jumper Karl Geiger wrote: "I have to ask myself whether the regulations for the women were changed overnight, with so many disqualifications?!?"

"It was neither the right time nor the right place to disqualify so many athletes from different nations..."

According to Reuters, Horst Huttel, Germany's head of Nordic events, said the situation was "outrageous". "This is a parody, but I am not laughing ... It is outrageous that this happens with the four biggest ski-jump nations," he was quoted as saying.

Following the disqualifications, Slovenia took home the gold medal. The Russian Olympic Committee and Canada came second and third.