Encanto director praises 'superhero' youngster who asked for a princess with glasses

Northern Reporter Sangita Lal speaks to Lowri Moore, who is delighted to be seeing a Disney princess who wears glasses like her

When a nine-year-old girl noticed none of her favourite film characters wore glasses like she did, she wrote to bosses at Disney asking for a princess who looked more like her.

At the time, Lowri Moore didn't hear much back.

But three years on, it turns out the movie giant was working on something special all along.

Disney's newly released film Encanto is about the Madrigals family who all have magical gifts except Mirabel. Mirabel also happens to wear glasses.

The film had been kept a secret until its release. And only now could its director Jared Bush get in touch with Lowri to show she had been listened to and seen.

On Twitter he wrote: "I couldn't say that her wish was already coming true."

Lowri Moore in July 2020, when she wrote to Disney to ask for glasses-wearing princesses. Credit: Lowri Moore

The director told ITV News: "I'm super in awe of her (Lowri).

"Everyone is beautiful in their way. I think that's really what our movie is talking about.

"There's these special parts of ourself that sometimes other people can't see, sometimes you yourself can't see.

"So she's a superhero to me already."

Lowri has been campaigning for better representation since a young age.

In 2020, she wrote a book with her own heroine – Princess Rose – who wears golden spectacles.

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