'I'm going nowhere' to 'I quit' in just seven hours: The steps leading up to Cressida Dick departure

Dame Cressida Dick is stepping down as Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Credit: PA

Within seven hours of declaring she had "absolutely no intention" of quitting as Metropolitan Police commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick announced her resignation.

In a statement on Thursday, Dame Cressida said she will stand aside because London Mayor Sadiq Khan “no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership to continue”.

Despite her defiance in an interview with the BBC just hours earlier, it appears Dame Cressida's departure was a long time in the making.

Here is a breakdown of the steps that led to her resignation:

As I reported at the time, Mayor Khan called a 90 minute meeting with Dick last week where he put her “on notice” and said he was disgusted by reports of racism and misogyny within the force.

Khan told Dick she needed to come up with a plan to ensure this never happens again and to rebuild trust within the community.

Dick submitted her plan to Khan on Friday.

Upon reading it, Khan felt the plan wasn’t good enough and wouldn't achieve those goals.

They had a pre-scheduled meeting in the diary for Thursday afternoon. It's a regular meeting and one the Home Office knows about.

Earlier in the day, before the meeting, Khan informed Dick that he was unhappy with the plan she had submitted and would be pulling support.

Dick then declined to attend the meeting and instead offered her resignation.

She then handed in her resignation by informing the Home Office.

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Sources at the Home Office tell me they are unhappy that Khan didn't tell them he was about to pull support and instead found out when Dick resigned.

Sources close to Khan tell me, they think it was right for Dick to inform the Home Office directly of her resignation.

They argue it was clear what their position was and it would have been wrong for them to pre-empt her resignation by telling the Home Office before Dick did herself.

Since then, I'm told Sadiq Khan and Home Secretary Priti Patel were in touch last night.

It will be the Home Office who will first appoint an interim chief and then a permanent one to replace Dick.

Patel has said: "I will appoint a Commissioner who will deliver results for the public that our police serve and represent."