'Is he a man of integrity? He's the PM:' Rishi Sunak insists Boris Johnson has his 'total support'

Video report by ITV News Business and Economics editor

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said Boris Johnson has his "total support" amid an ongoing police investigation into allegations of gatherings at Number 10 during the Covid-19 lockdown, insisting Mr Johnson is "a man of integrity" because "he's the prime minister".

"The prime minister has my total support, I think it's right he's addressed these issues as he has done in Parliament. And I fully support his request that we have patience, frustrating as this all is, and let the police investigation conclude," Mr Sunak told ITV News Economic and Business Editor, Joel Hills.

Asked if there were "any limits" on his support, he repeated "the prime minister has my total support".

When question whether Mr Johnson was a "a man of integrity and honesty", Mr Sunak replied, "of course, he's the prime minister of the United Kingdom."

His comments come amid reports of mounting tension between Mr Johnson and his neighbour Mr Sunak, with sources in government telling ITV News the pair have been disagreeing.

Earlier this week, Mr Johnson said he has absolutely no doubts about the chancellor's loyalty as he responded to claims that Mr Sunak is positioning himself to become the next prime minister.

Sources told ITV News the chancellor was behind an NHS policy announcement delay because he's reluctant to help a PM he views as outgoing and living on borrowed time - a claim Number 10 has denied.

Last week, Chancellor Sunak publicly distanced himself from a widely discredited claim by Mr Johnson that Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile when he was director of public prosecutions.

Mr Sunak said he "wouldn't have said it" when asked about the remark at a Downing Street press conference.