New Zealand police take up James Blunt's offer and play his songs to disperse Covid protesters

'You're Beautiful' blares out across a crowd of anti-vax protesters

Police in New Zealand appear to have taken up an offer from singer James Blunt, as they played his music in a bid to disperse anti-vaccination protesters.

The group of demonstrators have gathered outside Parliament in Wellington, in the pouring rain, in opposition to Covid vaccine mandates in the country.

Police have tried playing typically catchy songs (or those judged to have been overplayed in the past) in a bid to drive the protesters away.

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Sharing an article about the tactic on Saturday, the singer tagged New Zealand police in a tweet, writing: "Give me a shout if this doesn’t work."

In video from Wellington on Sunday, the demonstrators can be heard singing along to Blunt's synonymous track 'You're Beautiful' - and swaying in the rain.

Earworms 'Baby Shark' and 'Frozen' can also be heard in the footage - though it's unclear if these are from the parliament speakers, or played by the group of protesters.

The protest against Covid measures began on Tuesday when a convoy of trucks and cars drove to Parliament from around the nation, inspired by protests in Canada and elsewhere.

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