Daughter tweets Radio 1's Greg James to say hello to her mum on train

The start of a beautiful friendship? Credit: Twitter/Greg James

It's not every day you brush shoulders with a celebrity, so it's only natural to question if your eyes are deceiving you if you spot one out and about.

This was what happened to Jane when she thought she saw BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James on a train - but wasn't quite sure.

Jane got in touch with her daughter Colleen and told her she may be sat opposite the presenter while on a train from Edinburgh on Sunday evening.

Colleen decided to take matters into her own hands to confirm whether her mum was in fact right.

She tweeted the DJ saying: "My mum thinks she’s sat next to you on a train from Edinburgh right now so if you could confirm that would be amazing, her name is Jane and she’s just had a white wine and says you are on red x".

Minutes later, James retweeted Colleen's post and wrote: "Why hello Jane!"

He shared a video showing a glass of red wine next to his laptop, before zooming into a glass of white next to a woman sitting at the table opposite.

The DJ then asks the woman, who is looking at her mobile, "are you Jane?"

She takes off her glasses and looks somewhat suspicious before replying: "I am Jane... Why?

Jane looked somewhat confused before realising her daughter was behind the introduction Credit: Twitter/Greg James

He then shows Jane his laptop screen with the tweet from Colleen, to which she bursts out laughing and says: "That's my daughter."

Several hours later and it appears a beautiful friendship has blossomed, with James sharing a selfie of the pair grinning with their glasses of wine, titling it "TRAIN JANE!"

In disbelief at the exchange, Colleen tweeted at the DJ: "Can't believe two legends are meeting, tell her I miss her" and said "Janie McQ" was "currently living my dream".

Teasing more content from the unlikely meeting, the DJ told fans: "Train Jane on the breakfast show next!"

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