Storm Eunice 2022: The impact of the worst winds in 30 years

ITV News Science Editor Deborah Coen reports on what causes storms and how Eunice compares to some of the other huge tempests that have hit the UK in the past

Storm Eunice hit the UK on 18 February 2022, causing widespread travel disruption, schools closures and leaving thousands without power.

Which areas of the UK were most affected?

South Wales and the south west of England were the worst hit with thousands reporting loss of power and damage to buildings.

At its peak, winds of up to 122mph were recorded at the Needles on the Isle of Wight - a new record for England.

Huge waves hitting the seawall at Porthcawl, Wales. Credit: PA

As the day progressed, the storm headed east where a red weather warning came into force covering Greater London, Kent, Surrey, Essex and East Sussex.

Further north, snow hit Scotland, North Yorkshire and the north east.

How much damage did Storm Eunice cause?

London’s O2 had to be closed after a huge hole was torn in its roof. Around 1,000 people were evacuated from the arena.

Large parts of the interior of The O2 have been exposed by the damage

Thousands of people were left without power and there was widespread disruption to travel services due to "major damage" of the railways.

In Somerset, the storm was captured toppling a village church spire.

Did Storm Eunice kill anyone?

In total, four people died as a result of the storm.

A woman in her 30s died after a tree fell on her car in London, while a man in his 50s died in Liverpool after debris hit his vehicle.

Another man in his 20s was killed in Alton, Hampshire, after a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter pick-up collided with a tree in Old Odiham Road just before midday.

A man in Co Wexford, Ireland, was also killed by a falling tree.

Was Storm Eunice worse than 1987?

The 122mph gust is actually stronger than any gust recorded in the Great Storm of 1987. In a blog post, ITV weather presenter Becky Mantin added that helped that Eunice hit in February rather than, as then, October when many of the trees still had their leaves.

Why was Storm Eunice given a red warning?

Two rare red warnings, meaning a "danger to life", were put in place for south-west England and south Wales, and the east of England including London - the first time the capital had ever been placed under a red weather warning.

What is Big Jet TV and why were people talking about it?

Big Jet TV, which regularly films livestreams from Heathrow, became an overnight sensation after capturing hours of dramatic footage of planes attempting to land in the strong winds. At its peak, more than 200,000 people were glued to the YouTube channel.

Jerry Dyer, who runs the channel, told ITV's This Morning: "We were just doing a normal day like we always do when the wind comes out. It was the perfect storm for aviation enthusiasts."

When did Storm Dudley and Storm Franklin hit?

Storm Eunice came in the middle of Dudley and Franklin. While Dudley provided strong winds, Franklin brought extensive flooding - particularly in the north of England.