Biden warned a Ukraine invasion would be a 'war of choice' - that choice has now been made

Vladimir Putin appears to have brushed aside warnings from the West

How dreadful it must be to be proved right in a situation of such wrong.

For weeks, the Americans and others have been warning that President Putin was planning an all-out assault on Ukraine.

An invasion that would go beyond the parts of the country already annexed by Russia and to the heart of its capital.

It was a prospect the Ukrainian government continued to deny until the very final hours. Those warnings have become a reality today.

In 2014, the West was caught out by the Russian invasion. This time, the intelligence was stronger and shared in public and private in the hope that gaming out the Russian strategy might deter. It has not.

President Biden warned that any further incursion into Ukraine would be “a war of choice”. That choice has now been made.

US President Joe Biden has been warning for days that Putin had already decided to invade Ukraine Credit: AP

In the days ahead, the affirmations of support for Ukraine will flow from around the world. Sanctions will be boosted.

Security Council resolutions will be attempted but will fail. And across Ukraine the dreadful reality of war will be endured.

Apart from that no-one really knows how this will unfold but it is a moment of great peril, for Ukraine, for the world.