Can Putin be stopped? Watch our experts on the impact of the Ukraine invasion

Why is Russia attacking Ukraine? Can anything be done to stop Vladimir Putin? And just how far could the conflict go?In this Q&A special, ITV News presenter Nina Hossain is joined by a host of our experts from across the world to tell you what you need to know after Russia finally launched its major military assault on neighbouring Ukraine.

You can watch it above or listen to it as a podcast here - along with a host of podcast platforms including Spotify - as part of our What You Need To Know series:

The PM Boris Johnson has already said the UK "cannot and will not just look away" at Russia's "hideous and barbaric" attack on Ukraine.

But what steps will be taken? And will they have any effect to halt the Russian aggression?Joining Nina are our team of experts from around the world to tackle the key questions in this rapidly moving crisis.Europe Editor James Mates is in Ukraine, Correspondent Neil Connery is in Moscow, US Correspondent Emma Murphy is in Washington and International Affairs Editor Rageh Omaar is in London.