Protesters take to the streets across world against Russian invasion of Ukraine

Pro-Ukraine people shout slogans during a small protest outside the Russian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey
People chanted "Stop Putin" during a protest outside the Russian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, Credit: AP

In the hours after Russia launched a "full-scale invasion" of Ukraine early on Thursday, protesters took to the streets and decried President Vladimir Putin's actions.

Explosions have been heard across Ukraine - in the capital Kyiv, and in the cities of Kharkiv, Dnipro and Odesa - as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy cut diplomatic ties with Russia and declared martial law, while urging Ukrainians to remain calm and stay home.

Ukraine's health minister said 57 Ukrainians had died and 169 had been injured, hours after after Putin warned any countries who interfere or attempt to help Russia's neighbour would suffer "consequences you have never seen."

Messages of defiance, chants of "no war" and waving Ukrainian flags were seen across the world as many woke up to the news that troops had moved into the former Soviet state.

"We want peace" - a woman holds a placard in support of Ukraine outside the Russian consulate in Istanbul Credit: AP
A Ukrainian woman chants during a protest against Moscow's wide-ranging attack outside the Russian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon Credit: AP
Pro-Ukraine protest outside the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel. Credit: AP
People protest in Berlin, Germany. Credit: AP

Many descended on Russian embassies and consulates in their respective countries, with images emerging of people burning Russian passports, while others waved placards with slogans likening Putin to Hitler.

Protesters burn a Russian passport in front of the Russian embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania. Credit: AP

Protesters chanted "Stop Putin" and "No To War," while others held signs showing acts of solidarity for the former Soviet state.

In Russia, human rights groups reported that hundreds of protesters had been detained in Moscow and St Petersburg over holding pickets against the war with Ukraine.

Police officers detain a woman during a demonstration against Russia's attack on Ukraine in Moscow Credit: AP
Protesters were also detained in St. Petersburg Credit: AP
People took to the streets in Russian cities in the hours after the attack was launched on Ukraine Credit: AP

In the British capital, protesters marched to the gates of Downing Street holding placards showing Putin with blood on his hands and reading "Stop His War".

Protesters demonstrated against the Russian invasion in Whitehall, London. Credit: AP

Numerous landmarks were lit up in the Ukrainian flag colours of yellow and blue on Thursday evening to show support to the Ukrainian people.

Downing Street was one which flew the Ukrainian flag and was lit up in yellow and blue in a gesture of solidarity.

10 Downing Street is lit up in yellow and blue on Thursday evening. Credit: PA

St Georges Hall in Liverpool was also lit up in the same colours in an expression of solidarity with Ukraine following Russia's invasion.

Liverpool City Council said it had placed the Ukraine flag over St George's Hall "in solidarity with its people". Credit: PA

Elsewhere, the Welsh government building in Cathays Park, Cardiff, and the Senedd in Cardiff Bay were lit in the flag's colour as a mark of unity.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was also illuminated in the colours of Ukraine during a solidarity demonstration following the Russian invasion.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was lit up in blue and yellow. Credit: AP

Meanwhile, protests were held across European nations such as Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Sweden, while Ukrainian communities in the US, Israel, and Lebanon also held their own demonstrations against Russian aggression.

Ukrainians who live in Rome protest near the Russian Embassy Credit: AP
Pro-Ukraine people shout slogans during a small protest outside the Russian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey Credit: AP

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Ukrainians who live in Beirut holds placards and chant slogans Credit: AP
Protesters outside the Russian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden Credit: AP
People took to the streets of Berlin to protest against the invasion Credit: AP
Protesters stand with the flag of Ukraine on a highway overpass in Chicago, US Credit: AP