Ukraine invasion: ITV News correspondents to follow as Russia launches attack

As Russia wages war on Ukraine from several angles, developments on the ground will be quick and potentially difficult to determine from abroad.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is notorious for running an administration adept at spinning misinformation, meaning many from the UK may struggle to cut through the noise.

To stay up to date with the latest in the conflict, ITV News has teams operating from Ukraine and Russia.

We will be covering developments on our website, and you can get direct access to our teams on social media.

Here’s who you can follow on Twitter for trusted news:

Rohit Kachroo, Global Security Editor

Reporting from Ukraine, Rohit will be monitoring the latest movements from the Russian military as well as the Ukrainian response.

Dan Rivers, Correspondent

Dan is in Ukraine along with Rohit for breaking news and analysis.

Neil Connery, Correspondent in Russia

Correspondent Neil Connery is stationed in Russia, reporting on and breaking down the latest statements coming out of the Kremlin, the centre of power in the country.

Emma Murphy, US Correspondent

The United States will be a major player as Russia’s invasion continues. Emma will be in Washington DC monitoring the view from the US capital and from the United Nations in New York.

James Mates, Europe Editor

James is also in Ukraine. On the first morning of the invasion, he caught this image of an explosion.