'I don't want to die': Ukrainians take cover underground as Russian bombs fall overhead

'I just want this to be over': one little girl says she doesn't want to die as her family takes cover underground in Ukraine

Families in Ukraine were taking cover as Russian missiles fired overhead less than 24 hours after the invasion of their country began.

Despite Russian denials, civilians have found themselves in the firing line.

Parents in Mariupol, Ukraine struggled to find the words to explain to their children why there were explosions going on Thursday morning.

A family holding up underground in Mariupol. Credit: AP

Houses on fire, damaged buildings, cars and broken windows are the scene in the southern port city, one of Ukraine's largest.  

One family taking shelter in Mariupol held on to their young children, including a baby.

One young girl said she "doesn't want to die" and that she "just wants this to be over."

People taking cover in Kyiv. Credit: AP

Credit: AP

People carrying luggage took shelter in the subway, unsure of where to go, while others panicked or clung on to routine.

Ukrainians also went underground in the capital Kyiv, where explosions were heard overnight in an attack described by the country’s foreign minister as reminiscent of a Nazi attack during World War Two.

Credit: AP

In Kharkiv, in the north-east of the country, pictures of packed underground stations were widely shared online.

"It's hard to believe that it's actually our neighbour doing this,” one woman taking shelter in a Kharkiv subway told CNN.

“We don't want to be a part of Russia or any other country. It's really getting very emotional and I cannot believe it's happening.

She initially thought the explosions were “some powerful firework or something”.

Credit: AP
Credit: AP

“I don't know for now we are staying here to tell the truth,” she said about her plans.

“I hope that Europe and USA… they will support us at their most because Putin is such person, who understands only the language of power.

“And I hope they can really put him to, sense if it's still possible, because I don't believe that he will just talk or that it will be a quick war. And I don't want any people die here in my land.”

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