Ukrainian roads company changes signs to confuse Russians

The sign has been altered online to read "Go f*** yourself back to Russia". Credit: Ukravtodor

A Ukrainian roads company has said it will remove road signs around the country to confuse Russian troops making their way through Ukraine.

Ukravtodor made the announcement in a Facebook post saying: "The enemy has poor communications, they cannot navigate the terrain".

"Let's help them go straight to hell".

To highlight the push, images of road signs have been posted online to read "Go f*** yourself back to Russia".

The move has been backed by Ukraine's Ministry of Defence calling on civilians to remove any signs that may help Russian troops.

In a tweet they said: "To confuse and disorient the enemy who is illegally moving around Ukraine, we call on [people to] remove signs with numbers and names of streets/cities/villages in their regions."

“Let's do everything possible to get rid of Ukraine from the Russian occupier as soon as possible.”

Russian troops marched on the country's second largest city on Sunday, but Ukraine claims it has "complete control" over Kharkiv.

Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian nuclear deterrent forces be put on high alert, as tensions with the West mount over his invasion of Ukraine. Speaking at a meeting with his top officials, the Russian president claimed leading NATO powers had made “aggressive statements” as well as imposing hard-hitting financial sanctions against Russia and leading officials.

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