'Show this to Putin' pleads doctor as six-year-old child dies after shelling in Mariupol

ITV News Senior International Correspondent John Irvine reports on the suffering of the people of Mariupol

"Show this to Putin," a doctor tells the camera. "The eyes of this child, and crying doctors."

The medic and his colleagues tried tirelessly to save the life of the six-year-old girl injured by Russian shelling in Mariupol. They were unable to do so.

Her mother sat alone in a corridor outside, sorting the few belongings thrown together as the family raced to the hospital.

The child's father was rushed into ICU too, injured in the same shelling.

Russia claims it is not targeting civilians in Mariupol. For this family and many more, that is hard to believe.

ITV News spoke to the doctor, who said he saw his colleague's tears landing on the little girl's chest as they tried to resuscitate her.

The medic said doctors should not swear but that he couldn't find the right words in that moment.

"As medical professionals we see death all the time but then this child came into the emergency room... I was looking into her eyes. I could see the dilated pupils in that lovely face".

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