New condemnation of Putin's 'aggression' by Charles as Camilla moved on visit to Ukrainian Cathedral

At one point a "Stop Putin" poster was handed to the Prince who held it until aides took it away. Credit: PA

Prince Charles has again condemned the "truly terrible aggression" of President Putin's invasion and he and the Duchess of Cornwall were visible moved by stories they heard from Ukrainians living in London whose families are in Ukraine.

Charles and Camilla asked to visit the Ukrainian Catholic Church in central London, where some Ukrainians are coming to be blessed by the Bishop before heading out to Ukraine to fight.

Children were carrying posters in the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag with the words "Stop Putin" and "Save Ukraine" written on them.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall meet members of the Ukrainian community during a visit to the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral. Credit: PA

At one point the "Stop Putin" poster was handed to the Prince who held it until aides took it away.

In other times, they might have panicked about the heir to the British throne carrying a poster condemning another world leader but following the events of the past week, it didn't cause the prince's staff too much alarm.

The Prince of Wales said that he and Camilla were "deeply moved" and he praised the "extraordinary bravery, generosity and fortitude of the Ukrainian community in the face of such truly terrible aggression" being inflicted by the Russian President.

It's the second time in two days that he has condemned the invasion in this way.

Prince Charles and Camilla met the Right Rev Kenneth Nowakowski, the Bishop for Ukrainian, Belarusian and Slovak Eastern Catholics as well as the Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK, who had earlier received that applause and standing ovation in the House of Commons.

Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko told ITV News that it was "very humbling from my side" and he added: "At the same time I was proud that the Ukrainian people will see it. People were actually standing applauding the courage of my people back home. They are supporting our people and their fight for the survival of independence and freedom and our existence on this planet."

The Ambassador's wife was in tears throughout the visit and was comforted by Camilla who hugged her and patted her arm.

Mr Prystaiko said: "I believe this is the first time ever in the history of humanity when people all over the globe – just normal people, businesses, cultural leaders, press, academia – all of them came [together] against an aggressor openly and telling him there is no place for war. People understand what we are fighting for."

Royal aides say that Camilla was "upset and moved" by what she heard about the desperate situation facing so many people in Ukraine.

Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski said the Royals had "showed their solidarity and support".

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He added: "It was very clear that the Prince wanted to express not just in words but because he brought with him a few of the humanitarian aid agencies that he is the Patron of. He wants to show that people can show their solidarity here in the UK by making donations to assist us.”

The Prince also brought the bosses of five charities he's associated with, including the British Red Cross and World Jewish Relief, to the Cathedral so that they could discover what help they could give to the Ukrainian community.

Charles and Camilla paused as they laid two sunflowers - the national flower of Ukraine.

Before he left the Cathedral, Prince Charles said "Slava Ukraine" which is a Ukrainian national salute meaning "Glory to Ukraine".

His audience gave the traditional reply: "Heroiam slava!" which means "Glory to the heroes!"