Defiant Ukrainian climbs on top of Russian tank to wave national flag

A man climbed on top of a Russian tank and waved a Ukrainian flag. Credit: Telegram/Slava_Ukrainen

Brave Ukrainians have climbed on top of Russian tanks in Kherson in defiance of troops who have occupied the city.

Video posted on social media shows a man waving a Ukrainian flag on top of a Russian tank, as crowds cheers him on.

Further video appears to show Ukrainian civilians in fought-over areas demonstrating in front of Russian soldiers.

A major protest was also held in Kherson in Southern Ukraine, a city of 300,000 people on the Black sea coast that was the first major city to have been captured by Russian troops.

Hundreds of Ukrainians can be seen rallying in occupied Kherson as the Russian invasion reaches its tenth day

People have taken to the streets across the world to demonstrate against the invasion over the past two days.

But this didn't appear to deter Ukrainians who have protested in large numbers on Saturday at the ongoing assault on their country.

Large numbers of people can be seen gathered and marching through the streets of the city, many waving Ukrainian flags.

A number of Ukrainian cities are currently under attack, with the southeastern city of Mariupol besieged and heavy shelling reported in Kharkiv, the second largest city.

The capital, Kyiv, is also experiencing attacks from the air and from artillery, amid fears that Russia is moving to encircle the city.

In another video, Ukrainian civilians can be seen walking towards and shouting at Russian soldiers in Mariupol, who start shooting into the air to dissuade them.

Mariupol has been under sustained bombardment for days. On Saturday morning a ceasefire was announced, which aimed to give civilians time to leave the city via agreed evacuation routes.

This has since been broken, and shelling is reported to have resumed on the port town, as well as in the Eastern city of Volnovakha.