Orchestra plays in Kyiv square in defiant show of support for war-torn Ukraine amid Russian invasion

An orchestra gathered in a central square in Ukraine's capital Kyiv on Wednesday and performed a classical concert in an act of support for the country's struggle against Russia's invasion.

Around 20 members of the Kyiv-Classic Symphony Orchestra who have remained in the city played in the bitter cold, while a small crowd looked on and applauded.

Musician Egor Slavinsky said he hoped their performance would show Ukraine was "not giving up" in the face of war.

"We are still Ukrainians and we are very proud, we are a free nation", he said.

Musician Egor Slavinsky said the Ukrainian people aren't giving up Credit: AP

Kiv resident Olena said the performance was "heartbreaking in a good way", adding: "It's a great support in these tough times. It gives us hope."

Kyiv resident Olena said the concert had given her hope Credit: AP

As well as the Ukrainian national anthem and some popular folk tunes, the orchestra played the European Union (EU) anthem, Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy'.

Ukraine is not currently a member of the EU.

The concert comes amid more Russian bombings in the past 24 hours, including an attack on a maternity hospital which President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described as a war crime.

Three people, including a child, were killed and at least a further 17 people were hurt, including women waiting to give birth, while the attack also left children buried under rubble.

The orchestra's performance is not the only way music has been used to stand in solidarity with Ukraine - Bob Geldof sang at a fundraising concert - Night for Ukraine - in north London on Wednesday evening, with the funds donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal to provide aid to people fleeing the conflict.