'Russian commander killed' as military vehicles destroyed near Kyiv's outskirts

'We were ambushed...the commander is killed': Global Editor Rohit Kachroo reports on the dramatic attack on a Russian convoy

A Russian commander was said to have been killed during a series of attacks against a convoy of Russian military vehicles in a town north-east of the Ukrainian capital.

Footage from the Ukrainian military has captured the destruction of multiple tanks - in a line of a dozen or so vehicles - travelling in Brovary.

In a radio message intercepted from a Russian convoy, a voice says: "We were ambushed - the commander was killed”.

A long column of tanks were captured being ambushed with artillery in the town of Brovary. Credit: ITV News

An ITV News crew, heading from Kyiv towards the small commuter town of Brovary, was stopped because of the danger posed by the incident.

"We have heard the distant rumble of artillery, the Russian troops not far away now. And just over here, the city limits of the capital Kyiv," Global Security Editor Rohit Kachroo, who has been covering the war from the capital, said.

He said that Russian forces are being repelled by a heavy Ukrainian resistance.

In an update on Thursday, the Ministry of Defence said that the large Russian column north west of Kyiv has made little progress in over a week.

Pictures appear to show Russian soldiers hiding away in Ukrainian homes. Credit: ITV News

Pictures appear to show six Russian soldiers hiding away in Ukrainian homes, with two of them digging into the ground, while a Russian tank is parked up close to a nearby deserted road towards Kyiv.

The footage comes a day after video obtained by ITV News showed Russian soldiers and vehicles patrolling empty streets 13 miles from the centre of the strategically significant capital.

Exclusive footage shows Russian troops just miles from Kyiv's centre

The video was filmed on Wednesday morning in the town of Irpin, which has been reduced to smouldering ruins after several days of shelling.

Russian vehicles with a distinctive ‘V’ sign painted on their sides can be seen moving slowly through a residential area in the video.Irpin is one of the towns on Russia’s path towards Kyiv, but after days of sustained fighting it has been unable to overcome the Ukrainian resistance.