'I don't know where to run to' cries mother after child killed in Russian shelling in Mariupol

Holding her surviving child in her arms, a mother weeps for the child she's lost - ITV News Correspondent Romilly Weeks reports on the crisis facing Mariupol

A mother trapped in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol has said "I don't know where to run to" as she mourns the death of one of her children, killed in shelling.

Anastasia Erashova, a medical worker, was with an Associated Press journalist when their group came under fire. One of her children was killed by Russian shelling.

Sitting holding her surviving child, who was sleeping in her arms, she cried: "We came to my brother’s (place), all of us together. The women and children went underground and then some mortar struck that building.

"We were trapped underground, and two children died. No one was able to save them," she said through tears. "I don’t know where to run to. Who will bring back our children? Who?"

She herself was shot in the hip during the attack.

Footage from inside Mariupol shows Russian tanks firing on civilian buildings

Footage from the journalist in Mariupol shows Russian tanks firing shells at an apartment block .

The shells explode as they hit the building, already severely damaged, sparking balcony fires.

It also shows a tank emblazoned with a giant Z crashing into destroyed buses before letting loose a shell and before Ukrainian fighters destroyed it.

It was not possible to determine if the Russian positions had been fired on from the targeted locations before they opened fire.

"They are bombing it (Mariupol) 24 hours a day, launching missiles. It is hatred. They kill children," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said during a video address on Saturday.

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