'We will give them hell' vows Ukrainian MP training up to fight Russian troops

'We are Ukrainians and we are ready to fight'

Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik has vowed "to make sure we give the Russians a good fight and we give them hell," as she continued her military training in Kyiv.

The politician has remained in the capital, receiving a rifle and daily training, in preparation for when and if Russian forces arrive in the city.

The MP joined Ukraine's political spectrum in 2019, championing the right for the country to be a state for the people, peace and security.

Rudik is leader of Ukraine's Voice Party (the opposition to President Zelenskyy's Servant of the People party) but she told ITV News that, like the President, it was crucial for her to remain in the country.

"For me, the Ukrainian people are watching me - there's no way I can leave, or show signs of despair or disappointment," she said.

"We are all in this together, we are Ukrainians and we are ready to fight - this is our plan, this is our aim, and this is our duty to our motherland - to make sure that we give the Russians a good fight and we give them hell."

The MP said "at some point" Russian troops would "get into the city," stressing: "We have a chance to prepare ourselves and make Kyiv a fortress."

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